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Get Good Head Posture: How to Fix Your Positioning and Relieve Pain

December 30, 2021

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man working on a laptop who doesn’t have good head posture

It’s been a long day at work. You’re on a deadline, and you’re typing and clicking as efficiently as you can to meet it. Later on, your shoulders and neck hurt badly, and the pain won’t go away, even when you try heat therapy. Your discomfort, commonly called text neck, could be the result of improper head posture, which is unfortunately all too common. In fact, it is estimated that between 66 and 90 percent of people do not have good head posture. Keep reading to learn more about head posture and how you can treat and avoid the pain.


On Pins and Needles: What You Should Do about Tingling and Numbness

November 30, 2021

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person with tingling and numbness in their hand

Everyone at some point has felt the unpleasant sensations of pins and needles and numbness. Maybe your foot falls asleep and loses feeling after you’ve been standing in a certain position for too long. Perhaps your arm tingles because you slept in an odd way. Most of the time, numbness and tingling in your extremities is just an annoying part of having a human body.

But what about consistent or long-lasting numbness or tingling? Is that something to worry about? If this is happening to you, it could point to a more serious problem. In this post, you’ll learn more about numbness and tingling, why you shouldn’t ignore it, and how a chiropractor can help you overcome these symptoms.


Brrr . . . Avoiding Back Pain Because of the Colder Weather

October 29, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — willschiroteam @ 6:29 pm
lower back pain from colder weather

When you leave your home in the morning, you feel a little chill in the air. It’s almost that time of year again when you need to put on extra layers and have pumpkin spiced drinks. But perhaps it’s also a season when your back pain returns; you’re not alone in this struggle. Would you like to know how you can avoid back discomfort or injury this winter so you can enjoy the season? Here are some interesting facts you should know about cold weather and back pain.


Set Yourself Straight: 5 Benefits of Good Posture

September 28, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — willschiroteam @ 3:13 pm
profile of a woman with proper posture

Don’t slouch. Sit up straight. You probably heard your parents tell you over and over again to maintain proper posture while you were growing up. Perhaps you rolled your eyes and felt that you didn’t need to change how you sit or stand. However, now that you’re an adult, you may struggle with back or neck pain, headaches, and other unpleasant symptoms. But is good posture really that beneficial? Should you finally follow your parents’ advice? Read on to learn more!


The Secret to Keeping an Active Lifestyle with Age

August 27, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — willschiroteam @ 7:43 pm
an older woman having an active lifestyle

You’ve always been active. You loved playing sports when you were a kid, and throughout the years, you’ve made time for exercise in your busy schedule. But you’re not getting any younger, and you’re starting to feel it. Although you’re slowing down a bit compared to your prime, you want to stay active in your twilight years. After all, you may have grandkids, travel plans, and other adventures you want to experience. In addition to eating a healthy diet, how can you make sure you keep your active lifestyle as you get older? Try these helpful tips!


5 Common Causes of Chronic Low Back Pain

July 30, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — willschiroteam @ 3:31 pm
patient who suffers from low back pain

You had fun plans arranged for the weekend, but your partner is stuck in bed again because of back pain. You want to understand what they’re going through, and dealing with the pain at home isn’t working. What could be causing their lower back pain? What can be done to improve their quality of life in the long term? Read on to learn about the most common causes of chronic low back pain and how a chiropractor can bring relief.


Is Chiropractic Treatment Beneficial for All Ages?

June 25, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — willschiroteam @ 7:50 pm
chiropractic care for children

After a long school year, your child is thrilled to have a few months to unwind. While they’re out for the summer, you try to get several necessary appointments done. In addition to checkups with the pediatrician and dentist, you wonder—should you take your child to see a chiropractor even though they don’t seem to complain about back or neck discomfort? Can children and teens really benefit from chiropractic care? After all, they don’t typically have the same aches and pains that older people do. Read on to learn why you might want to consider starting to bring your child to the chiropractor’s office.


5 Ways You Can Stop Back Pain from Ruining Your Summer Plans

May 24, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — willschiroteam @ 7:41 pm
family having fun at the beach without back pain

After the past year and a half, you and your family are desperate to get out and have fun this summer! You make plans to travel, see family, and have plenty of adventures. However, as you go up to the attic to get your luggage, you feel a tweak in your back with a familiar pain. Could back pain keep you from enjoying the perfect summer? Not when you follow these tips!


Text Neck: How Technology Can Be a Pain in the Neck

April 22, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — willschiroteam @ 8:29 pm
man with text neck holding a phone

If you’re like most people nowadays, you don’t go anywhere without your phone. You likely use it for everything from looking up directions on a map app to retweeting something funny while you sit in a waiting room and texting your best friends. In fact, it is estimated that the average person touches their phone 2,617 times every day!

While convenient and useful for accomplishing tasks, this piece of technology has come with some painful downsides. If you spend significant time on your phone without using proper posture, you could experience what is commonly called text neck. In this post, you’ll learn more about this problem and how you can avoid and treat it with the professional help of a chiropractor.


Got a Headache? How Your Chiropractor Can Help

March 26, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — willschiroteam @ 8:20 pm
person with a tension headache

It’s been a long, stressful day at work, and it’s not over yet. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and you’re not sure you can deliver on the tight deadline your boss has given you. As you continue plugging away at the computer and trying to focus, you feel a dull ache start to envelop your head. Does this sound familiar?

About nine out of ten people experience headaches on a regular basis, but it doesn’t have to be this way! There’s another solution to headaches that doesn’t involve medication or sequestering yourself in a dark room. Read on to learn how your chiropractor can help you reduce the intensity and frequency of your tension headaches.

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