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4 Questions to Ask to Distinguish Muscular from Organ Issues Causing Low Back Pain

October 24, 2023

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man holding his back with low back pain

For some medical conditions, the symptoms clearly point to the problem. During a heart attack, for instance, the patient usually experiences chest pain, shortness of breath, and discomfort in one or both arms. However, most symptoms aren’t exclusive to just one problem.

Low back pain is a symptom that can be confusing—it could be a muscular issue or related to an organ. After all, near your lower back, you have several important organs, including the uterus, kidneys, pancreas, and colon. How can you tell the source of your pain? Try asking yourself these questions, and the answers may help you know which problem is to blame.

Did Something Happen to Injure Your Muscles?

Not always, but most of the time, muscle strains or other injuries follow some discernable action or event, meaning the cause of the injury immediately precedes lower back pain. Perhaps you lifted a heavy object using improper posture. Maybe you injured your muscles while exercising or playing a sport.

A car accident is another common cause of lower back pain as your muscles strain to stabilize your body. If you are not regularly active, sometimes even small motions can injure back muscles, but there usually is some action or event that causes the injury.

What Kind of Pain Are You Experiencing?

Muscular strains or injuries typically feel very sharp immediately and are localized to that muscle area. In contrast, pain due to an organ may feel achy at first but may become sharper over time.

Then again, if your lower back hurts only on one side, it could point to an organ issue in that area of your body.

Does It Hurt to Touch?

Many organs, when they are infected or hurting, do not feel better when they are touched or disturbed. In fact, touching the area could trigger heightened pain. On the other hand, muscle pain can improve with massaging and chiropractic therapy.

Do You Have Other Symptoms?

Organ trouble usually comes with other symptoms along with pain. For instance, you may also have a fever, fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, or frequent urination indicating that an organ or system is suffering, not just a muscle.

When it comes to muscle-related issues, you may experience some swelling in the area, soreness, tightness, or bruising.

In the end, you may still feel confused about what your symptoms could mean. In this case, you can turn to professionals who can help interpret your symptoms and identify what’s causing your lower back pain.

About the Author

Dr. Chad Wills has more than 20 years of experience and continuing education under his belt. In this time, he has accomplished achievements that few other chiropractors do in their entire career. He is one of only two in Collier and Lee county who is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics, which means he offers specialized care for patients in Naples and surrounding areas. If you think you could have muscular issues, contact our office online or call 239-331-6060 for an appointment.

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