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Relieving Pain with Soft Tissue Laser Therapy in Naples

As a chiropractor, Dr. Wills can use soft tissue laser therapy in Naples to treat a number of conditions. The treatment is often effective in reducing pain and inflammation and can enhance both hard and soft tissue healing such as bones, muscles and ligaments. During soft tissue laser therapy, the oxygen level of tissue is elevated thereby allowing injured or damaged cells to absorb the photons of light from the laser. This in turn accelerates healing.


Laser therapy can be helpful for:

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Class IV K-Laser

Today, the state-of-the-art Class IV K-Laser helps many people suffering from chronic pain. The treatment provides valuable therapy in a safe, comfortable, and highly effective manner. Here at Wills Chiropractic, Dr. Chad Wills is one of only a few practitioners in the Naples, FL area to utilize this advanced technology, and he looks forward to passing on the benefits to you. Patients from Orangetree, FL and other surrounding areas are encouraged to contact us today and schedule their first consultation.


How Does the Class IV K-Laser Work?

This technology delivers specific wavelengths of laser light to the patient that induces a photochemical reaction, resulting in therapeutic improvements, including increased circulation and an optimized healing environment. The benefits include the following: 

FAQ’s about K-Laser Soft Tissue Therapy

Can laser therapy be used along with other chiropractic methods?

Yes, K-Laser is often used in conjunction with physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage. Other chiropractic services and laser therapy are often complementary.

How often is laser therapy required?

That depends on the problem. Acute conditions may necessitate daily treatment at first, especially if there is severe pain. Chronic conditions may initially require treatments two or three times a week, gradually tapering off as there is improvement.

Have the effects of K-Laser been proven?

Yes. Researchers and scientists have conducted studies and there are literally thousands of published articles supporting the effectiveness of laser therapy for many clinical conditions.