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About our Naples, FL Chiropractor Office

Quality chiropractic care is about much more than treating back problems – it can relieve headaches, renew bodily strength, and eliminate chronic pain for a better overall quality of life! At Wills Chiropractic, Dr. Chad Wills has been helping patients for well over 10 years now, and he looks forward to treating you to knowledgeable, effective care that has long-term positive effects. In addition to vital chiropractic adjustments, he also enjoys being a lifestyle and health consultant, giving his patients all the information they need about nutrition, exercise, spinal care, and more. He has a true passion for the field, and helping people of all ages lead fulfilled, pain-free lives makes it all worthwhile to him. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’re ready to schedule your first consultation.

So what sets Dr. Wills and the rest of our team apart from other chiropractors in the Naples, FL area and beyond? We’re glad you asked:

Advanced Training

Dr. Wills pointing to spineDr. Wills’ patients deserve the very best, which is why he’s undergone the necessary continuing education and training to be certified in Chiropractic Biophysics, which is the most-researched chiropractic technique available today. In fact, less than 5% of chiropractors in all of the United States share this valuable distinction.

Long-Term Relief

woman getting long-term reliefDr. Wills isn’t interested in providing “quick fixes” to your very real chiropractic concerns and chronic pain – he wants to form a trusting relationship with each and every patient in need, working closely with them to not only determine the root of their longstanding problems, but also offer support and guidance as they work towards overall wellness.

Chiropractic + PT

Chiropractic spine correctingIn addition to corrective and structural-based chiropractic treatment, Dr. Wills also emphasizes the power of rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises at his Naples office. Our team wants to ensure that the improvements you achieve through our care are built to last by helping you improve your strength, coordination, posture, and more.

Proven Systems

Dr. Wills showing patient x-rayAt Wills Chiropractic, our treatments are based on highly-regarded scientific research, and we utilize the most advanced spinal measuring technology available.  This approach includes the Class IV low level K-Laser, which creates a more optimal healing environment for patients undergoing treatment and is rarely found in other local offices.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

items to get you fitWeight and poor nutrition can often be a contributing factor to chiropractic concerns. Thankfully, interested patients can pursue in-depth and informative counseling with Dr. Wills. Our team focuses not so much on the number you see on the scale, but on ensuring that you’re able to make real lifestyle changes that eliminate dangerous fat over time instead of important muscle.