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Neck Pain Management Naples, FL

Woman who just woke up holding neck If you’re experiencing neck pain, a trip to Wills Chiropractic may be in order. Dr. Chad Wills and his dedicated Naples team offer a variety of treatments to help patients relieve pain and renew the full, comfortable range of motion. The first step is scheduling a consultation, so we can complete a thorough examination and help you determine the underlying cause of your neck pain. Once we understand why you’re experiencing this pain, we’ll work with you to develop an ongoing plan to help you return to your proper, pain-free alignment.

Causes of Neck Pain

Before we begin any chiropractic treatment plan, we’ll need to evaluate your current condition by capturing x-rays and completing a thorough visual and manual examination. We’ll also walk through your medical history and try to evaluate what may be causing your neck pain. Some of the common causes associated with neck pain include:

  • Accidents or injuries like car accidents, whiplash, slip and falls, or sports-related injuries
  • Poor Posture placing excessive strain on the neck
  • Bad Ergonomics at your workstation strain muscles and joints
  • Jaw clenching and grinding can strain the neck and lead to neck pain

Relieving Neck Pain

Depending on the underlying causes of your neck pain, Dr. Wills creates a personalized treatment plan to relieve neck pain. No two treatment plans are alike, and we’ll work to create a chiropractic care plan that allows you to move and rest comfortably. We may include any of the following treatments:

Preventing Neck Pain

Preventing neck pain before it begins may be possible for some patients. Visiting a dentist for regular adjustments may be beneficial for some patients. You should also consider an ergonomic evaluation of your workspace. Many patients experience neck pain due to hours spent in front of a computer. Changing office chairs, your keyboard and mouse, or other parts of your workspace may help you avoid neck pain. Your pillow and mattress also impact the alignment of your spine, and the wrong sleep surfaces can lead to chronic neck pain. Dr. Wills can help you choose the right mattress or pillow to ensure you sleep soundly and remain comfortable. Patients who experience neck pain caused by chronic stress may benefit from removing stressors or working with therapists to learn better coping mechanisms.