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Sole Supports – Naples, FL

Proven Support for Your Feet

You’ve surely heard of arch supports, orthotics, or custom insoles – after all, they’re extremely common. However, what you may not know is that most are relatively worthless. Why is that? Here at Wills Chiropractic, Dr. Chad Wills wants to set the record straight. Please don’t hesitate to contact our practice today if you’d like to schedule a consultation to discuss effective, innovative Sole Supports with our Naples, FL chiropractor.

Why Choose Wills Chiropractic for Sole Supports?

  • Advanced Technology for More Accurate Diagnosis
  • Decades of Clinical Experience and Training
  • Treatments That Actually Work!

How Do Sole Supports Work?

Chiropractor fitting patient for sole support device

The foot consists of 26 individual bones, as well as countless joints that all have to work together in perfect harmony. When this is happening, people can accomplish all sorts of amazing things with their feet that not only ensure pain-free health but also benefit parts of the body further up, such as knees, ankles, and even the spine. As your feet carry you around, they absorb the shock as the heel hits the floor, alter their natural shape when the terrain is varied, and create a firm lever to advance you on your path.

How Your Foot Works

3 D rendering of patient experiencing foot pain

Your foot has two basic states: arch up and arch down. Arch down occurs when the foot unwinds after the heel has reached the ground; the arch then does a free fall because of the natural force of gravity. Next, the arch up state follows, crafting the foot into a rigid lever as it pushes off reliably. To accomplish this, the foot must wind up again on the inside and become stiff; if the arch doesn’t come up as it’s supposed to, the person would have to move themselves forward with an overly “mushy” foot. This forces the muscles to work harder and is a common source of foot pain and other deformities, including bunions, metatarsalgia, and plantar fasciitis.

Why Most Arch Supports Don’t Work

Stack of ineffective arch support inserts

In turn, the arch down state is also very important because it absorbs the shock of the impact and can adjust to ground surfaces that are noticeably uneven. However, when the action is overdone, the arch simply can’t go up once more. Nearly 90% of people are unable to propel the foot up enough for normal function, and over time, this results in a gradual unwinding and a flatter arch that’s exacerbated by weight and age. There was a time where people tried to help correct the problem of flat feet by creating platforms that would hold up the arches; however, these were typically constructed of steel, wood, and leather, which all left the wearer feeling like they were walking on rocks. If the discomfort couldn’t be tolerated, there was no point to the correction.

Why Other Treatments Fail

Person in pain due to failed arch support device

Today, the most common way to aid a flat foot is by providing a combination of wedges and cushions that try to control it. However, most have overly minimal or undersized arches. That’s why many studies show that the typical custom orthotic is no different than something you could buy off the shelf at the local store. However, Dr. Wills is happy to offer a much-improved alternative: Sole Supports.

Why You Should Consider Sole Supports

Woman in need of sole support treatment rubbing foot

Sole Supports are designed carefully and thoroughly with the help of skilled providers like Dr. Wills. While the cost and length of creation may be more than with other solutions, the final result can actually change the way your foot functions on the ground. Cushions, ointments, surgical intervention, anti-inflammatory pills and other traditional techniques may provide temporary, pain-relieving improvements, but you deserve a permanent solution that’s truly effective. Sole Supports are available at Wills Chiropractic for patients from Bonita Springs, FL and other surrounding neighborhoods.

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