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Throughout my entire professional career, I have made it a priority to advance myself with learning and practicing the most advanced techniques in Spinal Correction and Postural Rehabilitation. My office is unique and different, even compared to most other chiropractors, because of the advanced training and methods we practice. I am uniquely qualified to offer patients lasting, long-term relief in a relatively short period—even when other systems like physical therapy, medical treatment and other chiropractic techniques have failed.

We never provide treatment or recommendations to mask or cover-up your issues. I perform a thorough health and postural evaluation on every new patient, allowing us to discover the true cause of your condition and pin-point underlying issues to understand the root of your problems. Contact us today to request your complimentary consultation and get started on a customized plan to correct your specific health and postural needs.

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Having been to other chiropractors in the past, I was expecting to get an adjustment and be sent on my way. My experience at Wills Chiropractic was entirely different! Dr. Wills spent the time to educate me about the spine, the importance of posture, and what chiropractic care could do for me. I look forward to each appointment and I know that my health and progress is their top priority. Stacy A. Naples, FL
I went for an initial consult and agreed to a course of treatment. His therapy is not a quick fix of symptoms but a thorough evaluation and treatment plan that if followed (with work at home) will correct the underlying problems in your spine. I have been going to Dr. Wills twice a week for 5 weeks and have been increasingly pain free. I'm resuming exercise and feel better than I've felt in years. Jerry C. Naples, FL
I am about half way through the program and have experienced extraordinary results already. I recently attended a three-day trade show where I was able to stand pain free for the entire time. No small feat, but for the past 20 years I could not stand without pain for more than 10 minutes at a time. This is truly amazing! Stacy A. Naples, FL

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Prior to seeing Dr. Chad, you will have a 3-D postural scan performed. During your initial consultation, you will tour our office and be given an explanation of the procedures we offer. Patients then meet with the doctor to discuss their concerns. On your first visit, Dr. Chad performs a thorough examination, takes digital x-rays of your spine, and we then schedule a follow-up appointment. After thoroughly reviewing and analyzing the information from your first visit, your follow-up appointment will focus on discussing our findings and recommendations for your specific, customized treatment plan.

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