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Have New Year’s Fitness Goals? Start with a Chiropractic Visit

January 10, 2023

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patient learning simple exercises during a chiropractic visit

In January, many Americans make the resolution to get healthier, go back to the gym, and shed unnecessary weight. While these goals are noble and valuable, most of them fail to come to fruition. Do you want to be one of the few who are successful? Here’s a tip you may not have thought of doing!

Before putting on your running shoes and hitting the pavement, you may want to begin your path to fitness with a chiropractor visit. Keep reading to learn how this step can help you achieve your goals.

Start Your Health Journey Right

If you plan on getting back into shape or losing a few extra pounds, you need to address any obstacles that could prevent you from reaching your goals. After all, if you struggle with back, neck, or knee pain, you won’t last long at the gym.

In many cases, rehabilitation for old injuries or pains and aches must be done in conjunction with a milder exercises regimen until the area becomes stronger. Once you build some resilience and strength, you can move on to more advanced exercises.

On the other hand, if you begin your health journey with a chiropractic visit, this professional can help you address any pain you may be experiencing, which will enable you to stick with exercise for the long term.

Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Especially if you haven’t exercised in an extended period of time, you may forget to stretch, do warm-ups and cool-downs, and postpone intense workouts for down the road. These steps are critical if you want to avoid hurting yourself. Tearing or pulling a muscle, harming weak joints, and many other types of injuries become more likely if you try to jump straight into a body builder’s workout.

When you meet with a chiropractor, you can learn about various stretches you might not have been shown in gym class or on TikTok. Using these stretches, you can keep your body loose and ready to workout in a healthier way and at a more reasonable pace.

Keep Good Cycles Going

As intimidating as “getting healthy” can seem from the outside, the more you work on it, the easier and more fun it becomes. Soon working out and making smarter choices in your diet transform into established habits, and your chiropractor can play a pivotal role in getting you there.

The chiropractor may not be the first person you think of to help you reach your goals, but this professional can get you in a better position to do the activities you want, burn extra weight, and stay in as little pain as possible.

About the Author

As one of only two chiropractors in Collier and Lee county to be certified in chiropractic biophysics, Dr. Chad Wills has undergone advanced training in the field’s most studied treatment protocol. He is also passionate about helping people live a healthier lifestyle, and he enjoy running, cycling, swimming, and being outside. If you would like an appointment with Dr. Wills, you should reach out to his practice, Wills Chiropractic online or by calling the office in Naples at 239-331-6060.

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