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4 Facts about Cold Weather and Back Injuries You Need to Know

October 28, 2022

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woman getting a back injury in cold weather

In October, the temperature throughout the country starts to drop, even in Florida. As autumn goes into full swing, winter can begin to peek around the corner and sprinkle in some extra frigid days, which could mean trouble for many people and lead to back injuries. Therefore, now is the perfect time to learn these four facts about cold weather and back injuries and what you can do to avoid this winter pitfall.

Fact #1: Slipping and Back Injuries Are More Common in Winter.

Although some parts of the country do not often get ice or snow, freezes can happen and increase the risk of slipping. Even wintery rain or dew can make concrete or grass slicker and potentially set you up for a back injury. Although you should be extra careful during the winter months about your steps, and try to keep your shoes dry to prevent slipping when you come indoors.

Fact #2: Cold Weather Makes Your Body Tighten.

When you feel a gust of cold wind, your muscles, ligaments, and tendons tighten. This natural reaction may be your body’s effort to stay warm, but it can put a strain on your spine and the nerve endings in your back if it’s sustained for a while. Whether you spend a lot of time outside or work outside or not, when you go outdoors during the winter, make sure you dress appropriately. Staying warm can help your body remain relaxed even in inclement weather.

Fact #3: You Still Need to Stay Active.

As tempting as it is to stay cozy and relaxed in your house during this time of year, you still need to be active. Exercise strengthens your core and back muscles, which stabilize your spine, and can help you remain limber even as the temperature drops. If you don’t want to leave the house and face the cold weather, there are many exercises and stretches you can do from home to keep your body in good condition.

Fact #4: Your Chiropractor Can Help with Back Injuries.

If you do experience a back injury this winter, know you don’t have to spend a ton of time suffering on the couch. Your chiropractor offers a way to get relief and recover from your injury. By making some chiropractic adjustments to your spine, they can take pressure off nerves, manage herniated or bulging discs, and treat other problems.

Now that you understand the risks that winter weather can pose to your back, you can take the necessary steps to prevent and treat back injuries. Be prepared for winter this year and avoid hurting yourself!

About the Author

With more than 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Chad Wills is an expert chiropractor. He is one of only two chiropractors to have become certified in Chiropractic Biophysics in Collier and Lee County. In addition to treating existing injuries, he enjoys helping patients lead a healthier lifestyle to prevent future injuries. Would you like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wills? You can contact his practice, Wills Chiropractic, online or call the office at 239-331-6060.

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