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How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Take?

September 12, 2020

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chiropractor treating a patient with back pain

One day, after finishing yard work, you feel your lower back start to tense up and spasm. It becomes difficult and painful to move, and you want relief fast! You make an appointment with a chiropractor, but you wonder—how long will treatment take? Well, the answer may be more complex than you think. Every patient is different, has a unique situation, and, therefore, needs to be treated according to their needs. Here are the questions you really should be asking and some advice for finding lasting relief from back pain.

How Long Is Each Treatment Session?

On a day-to-day basis, most appointments tend to be between 20 and 30 minutes for each patient. In this short amount of time, the chiropractor can make adjustments to your spine and/or joints and restore healthy alignment. Plus, they can talk to you about habits that can contribute to your condition.

After being adjusted, you can then learn exercises and stretches to aid in rehabilitation. By the end of the appointment, most patients feel significantly better than when they came in, on top of feeling better equipped to prevent back pain in the future.

How Long Will It Take to Resolve a Problem?

Although chiropractic care often relieves a noticeable amount of pain right away, it is not a treatment plan that is finished in one appointment. Like many other medical issues, the cause of your back pain and other symptoms likely won’t be fixed after just one treatment. In fact, the more severe your pain is, the longer it will likely take to completely address the problem and alleviate your discomfort.

Each case is unique, but your situation may require several weeks with multiple visits per week. Then, over the course of a few months, your visits can become less frequent and intended more for maintaining healthy alignment.

How Can I Keep Pain Away Long Term?

Once you’ve experienced back pain, you want to avoid having it again in the future. For most people, this means continuing to see a chiropractor for adjustments every now and then for adjustments. Even if you have only little poor habits, such as slouching or sitting on your wallet or phone, issues can build up over time and lead to painful episodes. Regular chiropractic visits keep your body in check, helping you avoid discomfort and more serious problems now and down the road.

Ultimately, the time and effort you dedicate to chiropractic treatment is well worth the investment both immediately and in the long run. Instead of spending more time in pain or too stiff to move, you can live your life to the fullest and experience more with your loved ones.

About the Author

Dr. Chad Wills has been a practicing chiropractor in Naples for more than 20 years. He finds great satisfaction in helping those who suffer from chronic pain find relief and well-being through treatment. He is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics, the most studied and tested protocols, and he is a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association. If you would like to set an appointment with Dr. Wills, you can contact Wills Chiropractic by calling 239-331-6060 or clicking here.

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