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Why You Need Rehabilitation for Your Back Pain

March 5, 2020

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You’re in the middle of cleaning out the garage for the spring. You bend over to pick up a box that isn’t especially heavy and yet you suddenly feel a sharp twinge in your lower back. The pain impacts how you walk, how you stand, and other functions, and you know there’s something wrong. Where should you turn for help? Your physician may prescribe pain medication and offer instant relief, but very little advice for recovery and healing. Instead, go to your chiropractor to treat your back pain and rehabilitate. In this post, you’ll learn the importance of rehabilitation and how you can benefit from these therapies.

Why Are Quick Fixes Ineffective?

Although the immediate relief of medication is undoubtedly appealing for a patient in pain, medication does not address the cause of the problem. It merely reduces the symptom. As a result, the patient’s condition often doesn’t improve over time, potentially leading to a long-term dependency on the pain medication itself. This Band-Aid fix leaves the patient with more problems than it resolves.

What Is Rehabilitation?

When you experience an injury in your back, you need to rebuild strength and function. Rehabilitation starts with your chiropractor fully understanding your injury. Where is your injury located? Is it a problem with the spinal musculature, alignment, or compression? Once they properly diagnose the underlying issue, you can then find the right treatment to address it.

What Are the Benefits of Rehabilitation?

Although rehabilitation may not give quite the same instant relief that medication might, it offers progress in the right direction. At each appointment and following the instructions from your chiropractor, you should feel at least a little better every time until you’ve rebuilt your back’s strength and stamina. Motion can increase, and bodily functions can become easier. At that point, you can resume normal activities with less worry about reinjuring yourself in the future.

What Does Rehabilitation Look Like?

Depending on the source of your back pain, rehabilitation can vary from laser therapy to spinal adjustments, routine exercises, and more. After your evaluation, your chiropractor can explain the treatments you need and get you on the path toward feeling healthy and strong again. Regardless of the specific therapy, you can count on your chiropractor to provide the care you need to regain use and health in your back.

Do you have back pain that you need to resolve? Medication may temporarily deaden the pain, but you really need to work with a chiropractor. When you get treatment from the right source, you can return to cleaning out the garage or other tasks with more confidence and comfort, knowing that your chiropractor figuratively has your back in case something goes wrong.

About the Author

Dr. Chad Wills has been a practicing chiropractor in the Naples area for more than 20 years. Although he has training and expertise in most areas of chiropractic care, including biophysics. He uses advanced technology, including laser therapy and more to facilitate healing in his patients. If you have a question about rehabilitation, you can contact Dr. Wills at Wills Chiropractic by calling (239) 331-6060 or clicking here.

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