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4 Posture Techniques to Avoid Back Pain in Your Desk Job

January 21, 2020

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You love your job; it’s challenging and rewarding, and it pays the bills. However, throughout the day and even long after you’ve come home, you struggle with persistent back and neck pain. Although there are many tricks out there to help you deal with pain from a desk job, such as stretches and exercises in your daily schedule, these merely treat the symptoms, not the cause of your pain. Here are some ways that you can address the problem at its source and minimize your discomfort.

Understand the Importance of Proper Posture

Most of the back and neck pain that you experience can be directly linked to the posture you have while you’re sitting at your desk. Are your shoulders and neck in line with your back, or are they pulled forward? Are you slouching in your chair? Try to remind yourself to check on your posture every hour or so. By keeping perfect posture throughout the day, you reduce the stress that your back and neck muscles have to endure.

Monitor the Monitor

You spend all day looking at your computer monitor, and its position in relation to your body can have an effect on your ability to maintain healthy posture. The top of your computer monitor should be at eye level for you, and tilting it up slightly allows you to see the entire screen by simply moving your eyes and not your head or neck. The screen should also be about 18 inches away from you, so you don’t have to squint or bring your head forward to see clearly.

Tilt Your Pelvis Forward

A quick and easy way to make sure your back stays in healthy alignment is to tilt your pelvis forward. Basically, you should be sitting on your hamstrings instead of your tailbone. This position helps you keep your back straight and your shoulders from slumping forward. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be touching the back of your chair, although you can still use it. Just make sure that your pelvis remains in that forward position.

Put Your Feet Flat on the Floor

Although it is tempting to change up the orientation of your legs while you sit at your desk all day, the healthiest position for them to be in is flat on the floor. Do not cross your legs or sit on one leg; not only can this make one of your feet fall asleep, but it can also take your hips and lower back out of alignment and cause aches and pains.

Ultimately, you may need the help of a chiropractor to release tension and stress from your neck and back. However, if you can integrate healthier posture habits while you’re at work, you can greatly alleviate your aches and pains in the future.

About the Author

Dr. Chad Wills is a well-respected chiropractor who has about 20 years of clinical experience. He encourages patients to have a healthy, active lifestyle to prevent chronic pain, and he provides treatment for neck and back pain due to poor posture and other common causes. If you have questions about posture or chiropractic treatment, you can reach Dr. Wills at Wills Chiropractic by calling (239) 331-6060 or clicking here.

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