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Got Chronic Headaches? Your Chiropractor Can Help

November 28, 2019

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It’s like clockwork. Every morning when you wake up, you take two aspirin to lessen the dull pounding in your head and allow you to go to work. Around lunch time, you take another two to get you through the day, and two more with dinner and when you go to sleep. Then, the whole cycle starts all over again the next day. If this sounds familiar with your regular schedule, then chronic headaches are interfering with your life, but by understanding headaches better, you can understand the treatment you need to manage and treat this pain at the source. Keep reading to learn more about headaches and how chiropractic care can be the answer to long-term wellness.

What are chronic headaches like?

Although chronic headaches are extremely common, they often take unique shape from one patient to the next. While some people experience dull pain just behind the eyes, others have sharp pain in one particular area of the skull. For some, a pounding headache can last for a few minutes, but for many others it can last much longer—up to a few days. In some cases, patients can even struggle with nausea. Needless to say, chronic headaches can interfere with every aspect of your well-being and quality of life. 

What causes chronic headaches?

Unfortunately, headaches are a symptom of many common conditions, including low blood sugar, high blood pressure, and problems with the temporomandibular joint. Staring at a bright computer screen for hours on end, stress, fatigue, and even certain smells can leave you with a headache on a regular basis. However, even with all these potential triggers and causes, many times headaches are the result of either subluxation, or a dislocation of one of the vertebrae, or tension in the upper back and neck. The muscles and ligaments holding the head are grounded in the upper back and neck, and when tension or subluxation occurs, the sensitive nerve endings can send painful signals to the brain.

How can chiropractic care help?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to constantly take aspirin or live in a dark room in order to avoid headaches. By realigning the spine, especially the upper body, your chiropractor can ensure that vertebrae surrounding your upper back and neck are in ideal position to support your head. Also, your chiropractor can provide guidance for stress management and posture that can help your muscles and ligaments withstand stress and screen time.

Constant headaches don’t have to be your part of your everyday routine. By addressing the root cause of your chronic headaches with your chiropractor, you can finally get relief now and down the road. Are you ready to get rid of your headaches? Contact your chiropractor for an adjustment today!

About Wills Chiropractic

For patients in Naples, Dr. Chad Wills has offered assistance with chronic headaches for nearly 20 years. He graduated with his doctorate from Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta and has continued to learn through advanced training courses every year since. Dedicated to alleviating pain and promoting wellness Dr. Wills and his team can help you overcome chronic headaches. If you have questions about headaches or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can call (239) 331-6060 or click here.

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