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4 Benefits to Using Laser Therapy to Treat Knee Pain

November 15, 2019

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knee pain

Although your injury occurred weeks ago, your knee is still mostly out of commission. You still experience substantial pain when you try to use the knee, which is frustrating and inconvenient for someone as active as you are. You’ve been told that it will take significant time to heal, but you wonder if there’s an alternative method to help your body along the way and reduce the pain you feel. Well, laser therapy may provide the answer you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn how this technology can help you with knee pain.

Laser therapy is effective at reducing pain and inflammation.

Specific wavelengths of the light energy can accomplish different reactions. For example, light energy can be used to increase circulation, increasing the diameter of the blood vessels, which lowers inflammation and swelling in the knee. In addition, with repetition, laser therapy can reduce your knee pain by producing neurochemicals to block pain signals from the nerves.

Laser therapy is noninvasive.

Often with knee problems, surgery or other invasive treatments are required to get long-term relief or function back in this joint. Although surgical procedures have their usefulness and are necessary in many cases, you don’t have to worry about laser therapy making your recovery more complex. This simple therapy involves the doctor holding a handheld device close to or even touching the knee for up to a few minutes. The light energy goes about two to five centimeters into the tissues, and it spurs many positive reactions—all without having to make a single incision or using potent medications.

Laser therapy is painless.

In some cases, laser therapy can cause a tingling sensation or a little bit of temporary sensitivity in the affected area, but it does not hurt and doesn’t include any hot or cold sensations. This gentle treatment can be completed in just a few minutes and is comfortable for patients seeking to alleviate knee pain. In cases of severe pain, you may need to have laser therapy on a daily basis or several times a week before the pain will noticeably subside.

Laser therapy speeds up healing time.

When the light energy passes through the skin and into the tissue, it enables those tissues to absorb nutrients more quickly, facilitating healing. These treatments can also reduce the formation of unhealthy scar tissue, which helps your tissues stay flexible and functional. Especially if laser therapy for knee pain is integrated with other therapies or chiropractic treatments, you can see improvement sooner.

Instead of simply accepting your knee pain and the slow healing process, you can take advantage of laser therapy and potentially get back on your feet sooner. With all the benefits that it offers, why wouldn’t you want to give laser therapy serious consideration? Contact your chiropractor to get started with laser therapy today!

About Wills Chiropractic

Dr. Chad Wills has been providing chiropractic care in the Naples area since 2000. He is one of only a few practitioners who are certified in using the Class IV K-Laser, which is the most advanced technology available for laser therapy. Whether you’ve experienced a knee injury or you have osteoarthritis in your knee, Dr. Wills can help you overcome the pain. If you have questions about laser therapy, you can contact Wills Chiropractic by calling (239) 331-6060 or clicking here.

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