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Brrr! How Cold Weather and Back Pain Are Connected

November 1, 2019

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As you take down your Halloween decorations, you start to feel a crisp chill in the air and know that colder weather will come shortly. The temperatures are dropping, and the days are getting shorter—signaling that winter is just weeks away. For many, this time of year entails more than just holiday get-togethers. It also includes more back pain than usual. Regardless of geographic location, colder temperatures seem to escalate problems with back pain, but you may be wondering, “Why does my back hurt worse in the winter?” In this blog post, you’ll learn more about this connection between cold weather and back pain and what you can do to manage and reduce your back pain.

Causes of Winter Back Pain

Although there is no direct relationship between barometric pressure and your back pain, the colder weather can create situations where back pain becomes more likely. Below are some of the ways that winter can affect your back pain.

Increased Risk of Injury

With wetter, colder weather, back injuries become drastically more likely than in warmer seasons. You can slip on a patch of ice or wet surface, improperly lift a heavy box of holiday decorations, or strain muscles in your back as you shovel snow off the driveway. A moment of carelessness can lead to weeks of discomfort and immobility.

Aggravated Depression

You probably already know that gloomy, dark, cold days can affect your mood, but did you know that your mental health can impact your back? Some people experience depressive symptoms during winter months, which can increase their sensitivity to pain, especially back pain.

Struggles to Exercise

If you enjoy breaking a sweat outside, winter can be a difficult time of year. Facing the frigid weather can make even active people more sedentary and complacent in their workout regimen. Maintaining strong muscles is an effective way to reduce your back pain. Basically, this means that taking a winter break from your exercise routine can lead to more pain in your lower or upper back, shoulders, and neck.

Relieving Your Back Pain

The good news is that you can combat the effects of the colder weather and help your back feel better. When you pick up boxes or heavy loads, make sure that you use proper form, bending your knees and using your legs to lift. When you step outside or come inside, be especially careful about your steps, as these wet areas are prime spots for slipping. Continue to stay active, and utilize indoor resources, such as a stationary bike or a heated pool to make sure that your back muscles stay strong. Do what you can to keep your mood positive even during bad weather. Also, if you haven’t seen a chiropractor in a while, an adjustment can be very beneficial to make sure that you’re aligned and set up for success.

You don’t have to suffer with more back pain this winter. By understanding the causes and taking precautionary steps, you can more effectively avoid situations that may hurt your back and neck. That way, you can find more to enjoy about this chilly time of year.

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