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Ideal Protein: Your Key to Smart Weight Loss in the New Year

November 19, 2017

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losing weightWeight loss. By far, this will be the #1 New Year’s resolution for 2018. According to all metrics, the U.S. population is only getting unhealthier, and a big component of that comes from the growing obesity epidemic. While there are a seemingly endless amount of weight loss strategies available on the market today, they tend to have only one thing in common: they don’t work. Typically, a person never loses the weight they want or they can’t keep it off once they do. When it comes to slipping back into your old jeans, weight maintenance is just as important as weight loss, and that’s exactly what Ideal Protein is designed to help you do. This isn’t a crash diet that will have you back to the same weight just a few months after you’ve lost it; it is a multi-pronged, medically developed method designed to help you lose the weight and keep it off without depriving you of the foods you love. Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn more.

What Ideal Protein Is NOT

Gym memberships tend to skyrocket every January, but why do you think that is? Likely, it’s because people believe that exercise is the key to weight loss. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While a regular exercise routine provides a multitude of health benefits, it’s by far the hardest way to achieve weight loss. Why? Relative to your diet, exercise tends to burn only a miniscule amount of calories, making it extremely hard to create the deficit necessary for weight loss. The best approach is to adjust the diet so a person doesn’t have those calories to burn off in the first place.

So, this leads many people to just eat less. This approach is perilous, too, however. When the body suddenly starts receiving fewer calories, it goes into panic mode and starts storing everything as fat. This is a leftover mechanism from the caveman days when food scarcity was common. Plus, not eating enough is just not a pleasant way to live and can seriously sap your energy.

Ideal Protein is neither of these things. You won’t spend endless hours in the gym, nor will your dinner consist of just a carrot and a glass of water. Ideal Protein is designed to work with your body in order to help it lose body fat and keep it off. It’s also formulated to make it easy to stick to, which is something most diet/exercise plans can’t promise.

What Ideal Protein IS

The rate of obesity in the U.S. has risen in direct proportion to our consumption of sugar. Most foods today contain high amounts of sugar, including starchy ones such as bread and pasta that don’t necessarily taste sweet. When we eat sugar, this releases insulin into our blood, which not only manages our blood sugar, but it also causes our bodies to store food as fat.

The Ideal Protein system is designed to limit this insulin response so less of your food becomes fat that you have to burn off later. The foods you’ll eat will be low in sugar and high in protein, which will give you more energy and lead to more lean muscle development, all of which will help you burn fat. This, in conjunction with a manageable exercise routine, will help you create the calorie deficit necessary to lose weight without having to deprive yourself, making it much easier for you to keep it off in the future.

How Can I Get Ideal Protein?

Many weight-loss professionals are now turning to Ideal Protein to help their clients, and the results speak for themselves. With the complete Ideal Protein system, your weight-loss guide will help you choose the right foods and exercises to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. They’ll be there every step of the way, encouraging you to reach your goals and keeping track of your progress with regular check-ins. With them, you’ll gain the knowledge to take care of yourself so your new healthy lifestyle will become second nature, and before you know it, you won’t even recognize the fit person you see in the mirror every day.

To start the Ideal Protein system, simply contact a weight-loss professional in your area, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to a new body in 2018.

About the Author

Dr. Chad Wills is a chiropractor based in Naples, FL who also provides weight loss and management services, including Ideal Protein. He offers weekly seminars to help people get healthier and improve their confidence without starvation or a Spartan workout regime. Are you ready to meet your weight loss goals the right way? To schedule a FREE consultation and begin your weight loss journey, he can be contacted through his website.  

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