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Knee Injury? Back Pain? Your Chiropractor in Naples Can Help

February 9, 2017

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Get complete treatment with your chiropractor in Naples.You’ve been running for years, and nothing clears your head like the brisk wind of the morning gliding over your face. Those few miles are where you get centered, and as much as it has helped your body, your mind has gotten just as many benefits. At least, that used to be the case. Like many runners, one of your knees started to bother you, so you had to cut back. However, you’ve started to notice frequent, persistent back pain that you haven’t experienced before. What could be causing this? You’re working out less than before, so what is causing this strain?

The Back and Knee Connection

As you know, every part of your body is connected, and this often means one part can affect the functionality of another. Often, when someone suffers a knee injury, this causes them to unconsciously favor their uninjured leg. This, in turn, makes their lower back muscles adjust to an unnatural position, which can lead to chronic pain and muscle spasms. Your body is a very sensitive machine, and anything that throws off its natural balance can have an overarching effect on your well-being.

The Usual Solutions

People in your situation usually go a few routes. They see a doctor, and they usually suggest that patients get surgery or use prescription drugs. These methods are not always effective, but they are certainly expensive. In fact, Americans spend about $50 billion every year treating their back pain this way. Despite all of this money, only a little more than 50% of patients report complete relief. There has to be a better approach than this, one that can guarantee results without you needing to spend a week in the hospital or refill a prescription for years on end.

The New Solution

One approach that more and more patients are using involves chiropractic care. This method specifically takes in mind the connection between the different parts of the body, and works to restore the crucial balance that provides a pain-free life. A qualified chiropractor will be able to diagnose the source of your back pain using scientific analysis to pinpoint where the tension is coming from. After that, they will be able to start treatment almost immediately.

How It Works

When most people think of chiropractic treatment, their mind usually pictures someone popping necks and other assorted bones. While this may be part of certain treatment regimens, it’s not the only thing a chiropractor can do for. They can also do something called a spinal adjustment. This involves applying a physical force to your back to help restore its natural balance. The result is less pain, restored strength, and better overall nerve function. The right chiropractor can also show you a variety of stretches and exercises you can do at home between treatments to speed up your recovery.

How To Get Started

Unlike many traditional treatments, chiropractic care is something you can start today. A quick internet search will show you a qualified chiropractor in your area, and most offices accept same day appointments. You don’t have to wait for a referral like you would with a general practitioner. More and more patients are finding this route to be their way to complete relief, all the while being much easier on their body as well as their pocketbook. Contact a chiropractor in your area today to learn more about the solutions they can offer you.

About the Author

Dr. Chad Wills is currently a chiropractor in Naples, FL, where he is dedicated to treating patients with a variety of conditions, such as lower back pain. He is also certified in treating whiplash injuries, brain traumatology, and scoliosis. He is dedicated to helping his patients live a completely healthy lifestyle that promotes wellness of both mind and body. He currently practices at Wills Chiropractic, and can be reached at his website or (239)330-6299.


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