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Weight Loss & Management for Naples, FL Chiropractic Patients

The journey towards lasting weight loss can be a long and frustrating one. Maybe you were achieving impressive results at the beginning of your diet, only to hit a plateau later on. In many cases, patients even regain all the weight they once lost. At Wills Chiropractic, our team wants to help take the struggles out of your approach, finding the ideal weight loss equation that helps you achieve your ultimate, lifelong goals. Contact our Naples, FL location today to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Chad Wills, or if you have any questions.

How can I lose the weight and keep it off?

It’s important to remember that when the body is starved of crucial nutrients and calories, the fat you need to lose isn’t lost at all – instead, necessary muscle is sacrificed. That’s why “crash” diets fail all too often and can cause serious problems for your health down the road. We will help you focus on the loss of fat specifically instead of paying too much attention to your overall numbers, emphasizing balanced meals and regular exercise. The more muscle patients build, the more fat is lost at a healthy pace.

Additionally, it’s important to regard your weight loss journey as more than a temporary phase – it’s a lifestyle change. We’ll help you create a routine that’s sustainable, focused, and fun, resulting in an overall healthier body composition. With one-on-one coaching at Wills Chiropractic, you don’t have to make this journey alone; Dr. Wills and the rest of our team are here for you every step of the way.