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Injury Rehabilitation with RockTape in Naples, FL

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Variety of rocktapeHave you ever injured your shin and rubbed it, only to realize that that motion actually helps relieve the discomfort? Here in Naples, RockTape essentially “turns down the volume” on your pain, providing successful interference to the troubling signals that are trying to reach your brain. Many customers are so amazed that they even consider it magic! Contact Wills Chiropractic to learn more about how RockTape could help benefit your injury, or if you’re ready to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Chad Wills. Our practice welcomes patients from Orangetree, FL and other surrounding neighborhoods.

There are several benefits to relying on RockTape, including the following:

Reduces Swelling/Inflammation

placing rocktape onOnce it’s been applied directly to the skin, RockTape creates a microscopic lifting effect that removes the by-products that inflammation creates at a much faster pace.

Normalizes Muscle Tone

man covered in rocktapeThe actions of all your muscles resemble a symphony; however, when the patient is experiencing injury, fatigue, or illness, it’s all too easy for this system to fall out of tune. In fact, studies have shown that people who sprain an ankle tend to also experience an alteration in their hip muscle’s normal activity. RockTape provides valuable aid by helping the dormant muscle come back to life while calming down other muscles that might be acting up. This allows your body to function as it did before, facilitating proper healing in turn.

Delays Fatigue

leg with rocktape on while runningDuring rehabilitation, it’s very normal for the parts of your body that aren’t currently injured to essentially pick up the slack for the affected muscles. The use of RockTape can help reduce any fatigue they experience for added comfort and success.

Better Distributes Physical Stress

rocktape on handWhile conventional taping can prevent and restrict necessary movement, RockTape’s elastic properties and range of recoil virtually eliminates this problem. Its use can comfortably distribute forces to other nearby areas of the body as well, including the ligaments and bones.